Just a bit about me.

Where to start how about who and where I am today, I am Danielle, I’m 31 years old married to a supportive husband Joel, with three beautiful girls, Layla (6), Rya (4) and Skyla (2). I am busy, busy being a Mum which I absolutely love and trying to keep part of me well ME. I believe I’m a quiet sometimes awkward person who doesn’t like too much attention so this could become interesting.

I exercise regularly which currently involves attending CrossFit, which I love for lots of reasons and I run, I don’t particularly like running I just love the feeling afterwards, the feeling that you have achieved something your mind told you, you couldn’t do when that voice in your head screams to stop but you keep going and push past it, that’s an amazing feeling but everything before is hard. I guess it’s probably a great release of energy too. 

I set myself this goal to run 70 km in memory of Mick for beyondblue because I know it will be hard, I know it will hurt and the mental struggle would always be a challenge for me I didn’t expect that just running would be so tough to do after I lost my brother and I’m still not 100% sure why it is, it’s not just because I’m running in his name as it was a struggle from the moment I found out, I felt flat and I think I lost a piece of myself that gave me confidence that told that NO voice YES, I became weak in a sense so this will be the most mentally tough challenge I have ever faced, sure it will be hard physically and I fear injuries but that’s what training is for, but most of all I fear the emotional struggle but each day I grow stronger and each day I’ll be pushing further.

I wouldn’t say I’m a person who likes a challenge although my friends probably wouldn’t agree. I just want to raise money for a charity that may help someone or the family of someone in a similar situation as my brother, it happens all too often and if I can help somewhere if only even a little I’m committed to doing just that. I may not raise the greatest amount of money but I’m hoping to raise a great amount of awareness. This I can do.

My brother took his own life in July 2017, its not an easy road to travel with all the thoughts and questions he has left us with, it will always be difficult to wonder. 
I want to honour his memory and I want to help others, I wish it wasn’t what it is, but we can’t change that, I believe it has changed me, now that small desire to help and support others is a burning desire that grows stronger each day.

I miss him deeply and I hope he is ok with me taking this journey for him, it’s the least I can do to make a difference.

Please help support me to support beyondblue and the work they do.

Danielle Hansen 
Run For Mick.