What I really want to gain from all of this is to raise awareness.

To raise awareness for suicide prevention, to not just know that yes it happens far to often but for everyone to ask themselves, would they speak up and voice their thoughts if they were heading down a dark path and if the answer is NO, then I want you to ask yourself WHY? Why not? Is it because you would worry what others may think about how you feel, they might think your crazy, or even worse they may dismiss your feelings completely, pretending it doesn’t exist or it doesn’t matter, you will get over it eventually. If this is your answer then I want you to really be mindful of this when someone does open up to you and hopefully they do and hopefully you can support them. We can’t save every life but if we listen and make it ok to voice our thoughts maybe we can help support others to fight through the struggle and together we can make a difference. 

Please share my page with friends and invite friends to take a look so I can reach more people and achieve my biggest goal of spreading Awareness.