Booty Bootcamp Fundraiser with Lisa Trujillo


No person should feel so alone in the world that they need to take their own life. We can’t even begin to imagine the pain they must be feeling to take that final step.

100% all profits received will help beyondblue continue its work trying to equip everyone in Australia with the knowledge and skills to protect their own mental health, and break down the barriers that prevent people from speaking up and seeking help!

Proof of purchase will be required at the event – so screenshot or print out your confirmation to bring to the event!

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PICK YOUR TICKET UP FROM OUR STORE. The option “IN STORE PICK UP” will only come up so you aren’t charged for shipping.

Where: Killalea State Park. 45A Killalea Dr, Shell Cove NSW 2529. “THE FARM”

Time: 9:00 – 10.00AM (Make sure you’re there 15 minutes early to set up and ready to start on time.

Date: 8th of July.

Workout is designed for all fitness levels, male and female and for ages 13 years and above.


A towel.
A yoga mat.
Your booty!